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Nature Encounter : Curiouser…..Curiouser……..

A series of site specific structures/ sculptures made from woven foraged material placed in Friston Forest, East Sussex April 2018. This is an ongoing series exploring the strange and curious world of burrows/holes/nests and dens created by animals, birds and insects. As a ken walker I am often struck how nature can shock as I catch sight of something I cannot explain – a temporary nest made by swarming bees, a dead pheasant and a shivering rabbit in the cold – aspects of nature – life and death unfolding in front of my eyes.


Up with the Lark February  2018: A series of miniature baskets and objects created from foraged / gathered material from Hedgerows around Berwick East Sussex 20/02/2018. The series explores various basket construction processes and draws comparison with the spring activities of animals and birds and the creation of nesting sites. Wooden objects created from green coppiced wood -mainly ash and sweet chestnut using various whittling processes.up with the lark


Here are some examples of recent work and work from a workshop where we created willow animals. With Winter still  with us – I have been helping the birds in my garden with a range of bird feeders – based on the corn dolly designs. One allows sunflowers to be dispersed to the birds – the other is ideal for lard and bird seed to be attached. I have attracted a range of small birds including blue tits.




sow and baby

Welcome to my new Blog – I am a craftsperson and tutor based in East Sussex. I work with a range of natural materials – including willow and natural found woodland material. I Hope to share with you my recent work and exploration in this area.

With the recent RSPB -Garden Bird Count -Weekend -I have been making a range of willow bird feeder- as these ideas develop I will share them with you.

The two sculptures are now completed. They represent two species that are under threat in the UK -the whirlpool ramshorn snail and the caterpillar of the Large Blue Butterfly -constructed from a material that is not environmentally – friendly – plastic carrier bags.